The Bistro

Some still call it The Diner...

Bistro St Jacques was born from a visit to Cafe Constant in Paris in 2013. This was a revelation of the French bistro experience. The decision was then made to transform a ‘diner' in the back streets of Redfern into a true bistro… 

The Owner

Gary Prebble

Gary grew up eating organic on a New Zealand orchard in the 70’s. This early experience informs a lot of the style of this bistro. Gary started in restaurants in Ireland while travelling in 1993. He trained under New Zealand Chef Richard Thomas, who was chosen to represent New Zealand in the Culinary Olympics in 1995. Gary's first head chef position was in 1998, where he sourced all produce directly from local organic growers to make an eclectic pescetarian menu. He now has two children, William and Zoe, and practices Buddhism with his extremely patient wife, Jane, who shares him with the busy bistro work week.

Chef Brett.jpg

The Chef

Brett Jeffrey

Brett started cooking in Somerset Cottage, a highly awarded Restaurant in Tauranga, New Zealand in 1990. Training under Chef/owner Rick Lowe, he learned the classics of French cooking techniques. Brett has worked with some very good Italian chefs in Sydney after arriving in 2001 and has cooked in the modern Australian style. At Bistro St Jacques he enjoys coming back to the roots of his love of cooking; the hearty, fresh abundance of French cuisine, adding some modern takes.